The education program is designed to meet the latest requirements & advances of Beauty Therapy & Hairdressing. A continuous update of the syllabus will equip our students to meet the challenges of a demanding career.

Certificate courses offered

The academy offers the opportunity for students to follow a short course to brush up their prior knowledge & a chance to introduce them to a basic course by following the crash course offered.

Hair Styling IAB 101
Hair Cutting IAB 102
Perming, Colouring, Straightening IAB 104
Skin Care IAB 105
Make – Up IAB 106
Personal Grooming IAB 107
Bouquet Making IAB 108
Acrylic Nail Art IAB 109
Bridal Dressing IAB 114
Traditional Foot Massage IAB 115
Net Hair Styling IAB 116
Basic Nail Art IAB 117

Diploma course offered

Diploma Course will give candidates a vast & complete knowledge lf managing a salon with added benefits of staff management, staff reimbursement, salon maintenance & most importantly professional ethics. This complete course will give the student the confidence to open & manage a salon of international standard.

Salon Management Diploma (Hair + Beauty + Management) SMD
Diploma in Hairdressing DHD
Diploma in Beauty Therapy DBT
Australian Qualification Frame work AQF


• Students undergo a continuous assessment in both the practical & theoretical components of the program.

• Each module of study will be assessed on a daily basis (with the use of a check list pertaining to the practical performance of the student).

• At the end of each module, students sit for a practical examination.

• At the end of the final module students take a written examination.

• All students maintain a Student Record Book for their daily assessment.

• Attendance during the entire program of study shall also be accounted for.